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We Are Committed to Your Church’s Health

Our mission is to reclaim the church by providing practical tools and a pathway leading to the church’s health and vitality.



Knowing the why leads to the what and the how


Every building or rebuilding starts with the foundation. There are basic building blocks for every church regardless of size.


A practical pathway with manageable and easy to follow steps


Addressing change and resistance


A biblical picture of a reclaimed church


Additional resources


A leadership checklist

What others are saying about Reclaiming the Church

Dr. Pat is an energetic and passionate teacher providing relevant material based upon years of personal experience and research. He provides practical tools ready to use in any church needing unstuck. 

Dr. Doug Sands, Oasis Worship Center
Clarksburg, West Virginia

Reclaiming the Church is a great balance between a practical pathway and its accompanying challenges by someone who has successfully done it multiple times.

Pastor Larry Frey, Mountain Top Ministry

Stahlstown, PA

Reclaiming the Church is a course that clearly shows how a church can successfully think and work its way through a practical pathway to revitalization.

Pastor Sharon Colisino, The Father’s House 

Grantsville, MD

Excellent teaching and teacher. The material in Reclaiming the Church speaks to every church and to every church leader.

Pastor Jospeh Walls, New Life Church

New Florence, PA

Reclaiming the Church was created to become a set of tools to assist the church not only in a revitalization process but in an annual check-up. No plan is achieved without action, areas of assignment and responsibility, measurement, and adjustments. Everything in this course is intentionally designed to be repeated year after year to become a part of your church’s DNA.




What makes this course different from other programs?
It is based upon the successful rebuilding principles of Nehemiah and the author’s 28 years of pastoral leadership in revitalizing and growing churches. This course is the platform the author developed and used successfully in breathing life and vitality into multiple congregations. And now it is available to you!

What can you expect to achieve with this course?
The material in this course was developed and laid out to assist in the local structure and implementation to revitalize a church. This course will help you to anticipate what’s coming next, how to recognize and address potential obstacles and resistance, and set into motion all the steps necessary to resolve the issues your church has identified but has been unable to achieve. 

Will this course work for my church?
This course contains the necessary material to assist any church of any size to revitalize and gain health and vitality. This course is the practical step by step manual for church leadership and the congregation. The author has 54 years of applied leadership experience in leading troops into battle, in running a successful business enterprise as CEO and in revitalizing churches. The author is a certified church consultant, certified in church revitalization, and a John Maxwell team member. He is  a former Army commander with 3 combat tours and a former plant manager and CEO before entering the ministry.

Don’t be afraid of change, be afraid of not changing.

This type of analysis, planning and implementation for successful revivalization and growth is not taught in seminary. The training Dr. Polis has as an Army Officer, corporate CEO and revitalizing multiple churches make him a qualified partner to assist you in revitalizing your church. Dr. Polis is available for consulting with a church or group of churches. Dr. Polis can be contacted at:


We help unhealthy churches get healthy by
providing practical tools and a practical pathway.

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